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Texas Six Man Youth Football Association Information

Texas Six Man Youth Football Association Information

It is time for Youth Football Sign Up!!! We are going to have three teams: Kindergarten - 2nd Grade will play Flag Football; 3rd & 4th will play full pad tackle; 5th and 6th will play full pad tackle.
The entry fee is as follows:
K-2nd (Flag) - $90
3rd & 4th - $125
5th & 6th - $125

The 3rd - 6th grade Players will be furnished helmet, shoulder pads, pants with pads, jersey, and mouth piece.

The Flag football players will be furnished with t-shirt and flags.

If you would like to provide a scholarship for a student or give a charitable contribution to the Jonesboro Youth Athletic Association your donation would be appreciated. The donation can be used for tax deducation purposes as we are a non-profit organization and operate under 501(c)(3) status.

Please feel free to contact me at 254-463-2111 or email me at with questions or more information.

I have attached the sign up form for the Texas Six Man Youth Football Association. All forms and money need to be turned in by August 22, 2018. We will fit players on August 22, 2018 at Back to School Night at the Jonesboro ISD.

Matt Dossey